If your center pivot system is out of warranty but less than three years old, it may be eligible for coverage under a Central Valley Irrigation service contract. Under this program, you'll have fixed maintenance and repair costs regardless of how much work your system needs during the year.

Here's what's included in the service contract:

  • All service calls, including labor, mileage and parts needed any time during the year.
  • Replacement of parts worn out from normal wear and tear, including tires and sprinklers.
  • Complete Off-Season Preventative Maintenance program each fall, including needed parts and repairs.

The service contract does not cover stuck pivots, cleaning foreign debris from sprinklers or pipelines, or ancillary systems such as underground wire, generators, remote start boxes or well panels. It also does not cover insurable losses from lightning strikes, storm damage, and collision with other equipment, theft or vandalism. Please consider Central Valley Irrigation center pivot insurance for protection against these contingencies.

  • We reserve the right to use reconditioned or used parts where feasible.
  • Payment to be due during the month of May each year.
  • Contract is eligible to stay with the pivot during change of ownership.

To learn more about our service contract program, contact Terry Gerdes via email or call us at (308) 995-6583.