A great season begins with off-season P.M. measures.

Let a Central Valley Irrigation trained technician get your equipment ready for next year's planting season. A long season of irrigation can be hard on your equipment and smart producers will make sure that everything is ready for the next year's demanding season.

Irrigation equipment is expensive and keeping it well maintained saves money in the long run. As soon as harvest is over, call Central Valley Irrigation for Off-Season Preventative Maintenance service. A trained Central Valley Irrigation specialist will check your equipment and do the work necessary to get it back in top condition for the upcoming season using quality Valley® parts.

P.M. Checklist

  1. Drain any water in gearboxes and check gearboxes for leaks.
  2. Check each electrical box and wiring.
  3. Check for noisy bearings.
  4. Check structure for loose or missing bolts.
  5. Replace worn and broken parts with quality Valley® parts.